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General Valve Standards Compilation

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Basic standard number of general valve

I: General valve basic standard number

GB/T 1047 Nominal Diameter of Piping Elements

GB/T 1048 Nominal pressure of piping components

GB/T 26640 Specification for Minimum Wall Thickness and Dimensional Requirements of Valve Housing

GB/T 12220 General Purpose Valve Marking

GB/T 12224 Steel Valves-General Requirements

JB/T 7928 General Valve Supply Requirements

JB/T 8530 Valve Electric Device Model Compilation Method

GB/T122215 Metallic Valves with Flanged Connections-Structural Length

GB/T122225 Connections for Multi-turn Valve Actuators

GB/T12223 Connection of Part Rotary Valve Actuators

GB/T9124 Technical Requirements for Steel Pipe Flanges

GB/T15530.8 Technical Requirements for Copper Alloy and Composite Flanges

GB/T17241.7 Technical Requirements for Cast Iron Pipe Flange

JB/T74 Specification for Pipe Flange

SH3406 Petrochemical Steel Pipe Flange

Specification for HG20603 steel pipe flanges (European system)

Specification for HG20624 Steel Pipe Flanges (Inter-American System)

II: valve material and welding standard number

GB/T12225 General Purpose Valve-Specification for Copper Alloy Castings

GB/T12226 General-Purpose Valve-Technical Conditions for Grey Iron Castings

GB/T12227 General Purpose Valve-Technical Conditions for Ductile Iron Castings

GB/T12228 Specification for Carbon Steel Forgings for General Purpose Valves

GB/T12229 General Purpose Valves-Specification for Carbon Steel Castings

GB/T12230 Specification for Austenitic Steel Castings for General Purpose Valves

GB/T20078 Copper and Copper Alloy Forgings

GB/T25137 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Forgings

GB/T26648 Austenitic Iron Castings

GB/T26652 Wear-resistant Steel Castings

JB/T5263 Technical Conditions for Steel Castings of Power Station Valves

JB/T7248 Specification for Low Temperature Steel Castings for Valves

GB/T983 Stainless Steel Welding Rod

GB/T984 Surfacing Electrode

GB/T5117 Carbon Steel Welding Rod

GB/T5118 Low-alloy Electrodes

GB/T22652 Valve Sealing Surfacing Process Evaluation

JB/T6438 Technical Requirements for Plasma Arc Surfacing of Valve Sealing Surface

JB/T7744 Alloy Powder for Plasma Arc Surfacing of Valve Sealing Surface

Three: valve product standard number

1: gate valve

GB/T122325 General Purpose Valves Flanged Iron Gate Valves

GB/T12234 General Purpose Valves Flanged and Butt-Welded Steel Gate Valves

GB/T14173 Technical Conditions for Plane Steel Gate

GB/T23300 Flat Gate Valve

GB/T24924 Resilient Sealing Gate Valves for Water Supply Systems

JB/T5298 Steel Flat Gate Valve for Pipeline

JB/T8691 Wab Knife Gate Valve

2 Stop valve

GB/T12233 General Purpose Valves Iron Globe Valves and Lift Check Valves

GB/T12235 General Purpose Valves Flanged Steel Stop and Lift Check Valves

GB/T26478 Globe valves and lift check valves for ammonia

GB/T4157 Marine Hydraulic Control Globe Valve

JB/T7245 Stop Valve of Refrigeration Unit

JB/T7747 Needle Globe Valve

JB/T10530 Globe valve for oxygen

JB/T11150 Bellows Seal Steel Globe Valve

HG/T4086 biochemical special stop valve

DL/T531 Technical Conditions for Gate Valve of High Temperature and High Pressure Globe Valve of Power Station

3: check valve

GB/T12236 General Purpose Valves Steel Swing Check Valves

GB/T13932 General Purpose Valves Iron Swing Check Valves

GB/T21387 Axial Flow Check Valves

JB/T8937 Wafer Check Valve

GB/T4158 Marine hydraulically controlled stop check valve

GB/T 4189 Marine Steel Swing Check Valves

CJ/T154 General specification for slow closing check valve for water supply and drainage

CJ/T282 butterfly slow closing non-return

DLH923 Check Valve for Thermal Power Generation

4: ball valve and plug valve

GB/T12237 General Purpose Valves Flanged and Butt-welded Steel Ball Valves

GB/T15185 Iron and Copper Ball Valves

GB/T21385 Metal Sealed Ball Valves

GB/T4174 Marine electric control ball valve

JB/T7745 Pipeline Ball Valve

CJ/T283 eccentric half ball valve

5: butterfly valve

GB/T12238 General Purpose Valves Flange and Wafer Connection Butterfly Valves

GB/T4173 Marine Electric Control Butterfly Valve

JB/T5299 Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valve

JB/T8527 Metal Seal Butterfly Valve

JB/T8692 Flue Butterfly Valve

CJ/T92 Eccentric Butterfly Valve for Heating

CJ/T93 Eccentric signal butterfly valve for heating

6: safety valve and pressure reducing valve

GB/T12241 General Requirements for Safety Valves

GB/T12243 Spring-loaded Safety Valves

GB/T20910 Temperature and Pressure Safety Valves for Hot Water Systems

JB/T6411 Safety valve for compressor

JB/T9624 Technical Conditions for Safety Valve of Power Station

HG/T3157 Spring safety valve for liquefied gas tank vehicle

DL/T959 Application Guide for Safety Valve of Utility Boiler

GB/T12244 Pressure Reducing Valves-General Requirements

GB/T12246 Pilot operated pressure reducing valve

GB/T10868 Temperature and Pressure Reducing Valve for Power Station

GB/T20081 Pneumatic pressure reducing valve and filter pressure reducing valve

GB/T21386 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve

JB/T7376 Specifications for Pneumatic Air Pressure Reducing Valve

7: water control valve and regulating valve

JB/T10606 Pneumatic Flow Control Valve

JB/T10674 water control valve

CJ/T219 water control valve

GB/T4213 Pneumatic Control Valve

GB/T10869 Regulating Valve for Power Station

JB/T 7387 electric control valve

8: Other valves

GB/T12239 General Purpose Valves Diaphragm Valves

GB7512 LPG gas cylinder valve

GB/T8464 internally threaded valves for plumbing

GB10877 oxygen cylinder valve

GB10879 dissolved acetylene cylinder valve

GB 15382 gas cylinder valve general technical conditions

GB/T15930 Fire Valves for Ventilation and Smoke Exhaust Systems in Buildings

GB/T19672 Technical Conditions for Pipeline Valves

GB/T20173 Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries Pipeline Transportation Systems Pipeline Valves

GB/T22653 Emergency Shutoff Valves for Liquefied Gas Equipment

GB/T24917 Glasses Valve

GB/T24918 Cryogenic medium emergency shut-off valve

GB/T24920 Emergency Shutoff Valves for Petrochemical Industry

GB/T24925 Technical Conditions for Cryogenic Valves

JB/T450 Technical Conditions for Forged Angle High Pressure Valve

JB/T3595 Technical Conditions for Power Station Valves

JB/T6446 Vacuum Valve

JB/T6900 blowdown valve

JB/T6901 closed spectacle valve

JB/T7749 Technical Conditions for Cryogenic Valves

JB/T9094 Technical Conditions of Emergency Shutoff Valves for LPG Equipment

JB/T10529 Technical Conditions for Ceramic Seal Valves

JB/T10673 open metal seal valve

JB/T11175 Pig Valves for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

JB/T7746 Shrinkage Forged Steel Valve

JB/T9093 Technical Conditions for Steam Trap

HG/T3704 Technical Conditions for Fluoroplastic Lining

HG/T3158 Liquefied Gas Tank Vehicle Emergency Shutoff Valve

Four: valve inspection and test standard number

GB/T13927 Pressure Testing for General Purpose Valves

GB/T12245 Pressure Reducing Valve Performance Test Method

GB/T12251 Test Method for Steam Trap

GB/T26479 Resilient Sealing Part Rotary Valve Fire Resistance Test

GB/T26480 Testing and Inspection of Valves

GB/T26481 Vasectivity Test for Valves

GB/T26482 Check Valve Fire Resistance Test

GB/T12242 Safety Valve Performance Test Method

JB/T5296 Test Method for Flow Coefficient and Flow Resistance Coefficient of Universal Valves

JB/T64398 Magnetic Particle Inspection for Pressure Steel Castings of Valves

JB/T6440 Valve Pressure Steel Casting Radiographic Inspection

JB/T6899 Valve Fire Test

JB/T6902 Liquid Penetrant Inspection Method for Valve Steel Castings

JB/T6903 Valve Forging Steel Ultrasonic Inspection Method

JB/T7748 Valve Cleanliness and Measurement Method

JB/T7929 Appearance Quality Requirements for Valve Steel Castings

JB/T8858 Test Procedures for Static Pressure Life of Gate Valves

JB/T8859 Test Specification for Static Pressure Life of Globe Valve

JB/T8860 plug valve static pressure life test procedures

JB/T8861 Test Procedures for Static Pressure Life of Ball Valves

JB/T8862 Test Procedures for Life of Valve Electric Device

JB/T8863 Butterfly Valve Static Pressure Life Test Procedures

Test and Inspection of Valve JB/T9092

SH/T3064 Petrochemical Steel General Valve Selection, Inspection and Acceptance

DL/922 Guide for ordering and acceptance of steel general valves for thermal power generation