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Bamboo Valve Industry Attends Shanghai International Town and Building Water Show 2015

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From September 23 to 25, BWT & UWT 2015 Shanghai International Urban and Building Water Supply and Drainage Water Treatment Exhibition was held at the New International Expo Center. In order to further strengthen the expansion of the water industry market and increase the influence of China's well-known trademarks, under the leadership of Wu Tao, chairman of bamboo valve industry, deputy manager Fang Mingliang and the brand operation team participated in the exhibition.




With the theme of "green building, water saving and energy saving", the exhibition focused on the most advanced technologies and products in the current building water supply and drainage industry, gathering more than 500 enterprises and more than 30000 visitors. During the exhibition, the company carefully prepared samples and set up exhibition boards in conspicuous positions in the venue, focusing on high-quality building water supply products and promoting the ZJ brand. A number of industry experts, water department heads and valve sellers came to the bamboo valve industry booth to stop and observe, technical exchanges, the display of spraying water supply valves, fire products and heating copper valves and other products have a strong interest, especially the important achievements of enterprises and high-quality products to give a high evaluation.